Bankline Webinars

Getting the best out of Bankline

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Getting started and managing users

Training for administrators (30-45 mins)

Perfect for Bankline administrators looking to find out more about creating and amending users, and controlling what users can do on Bankline. In this interactive webinar we’ll cover:

  • Activating Bankline and logging in for the first time
  • Creating and amending users
  • Creating and amending roles
  • Ordering Smartcards and readers.

Bankline security

Training for administrators (30-45 mins)

Our experts will take you through the array of controls you can use in Bankline to bring additional security to your profile. We’ll run through all your security options, so you can choose how best to protect your business. We’ll cover:

  • Password controls
  • Payment limits and controls
  • Dual control features
  • General security overview.

A guide to Bankline for Communities

Training for all users (60 mins)

Our expert will provide you with an overview of Bankline for Communities, covering everything from statements to payments. They’ll show you how to navigate around and share some handy tips for you to get the best out of Bankline. Some of the topics that will be covered are:

•         Viewing account balances and statements

•         Creating and approving payments

•         Managing Bankline users

•         Creating and using Templates

Making payments

Training for all users (60 mins)

If you’re new to Bankline, this webinar is a great introduction to making payments. Our experts will give you a full overview. They’ll show you how to create different payment types in the most cost-effective way and explain how to link Bankline with your accounting software. We’ll cover:  

  • Creating and approving payments
  • Costs and cut off times
  • Templates and bulk payments
  • Importing payments.

Migrated from original to new Bankline? See what’s changed

Training for all users (45-60 mins)

If you’ve moved from original Bankline onto our new Bankline platform, this is the perfect introduction. Our experts will take you through all the main features of the new platform, covering everything from navigation to payments.

They’ll show you what’s changed and share some handy tips for new Bankline.