Card payment security

Tips to keep your business and customers safe

Card payments don't always go to plan, so let us help

This page will talk a little more about how to take card payments securely, what to look out for and some guidance on card security in general.

Card security guidance

Replacement debit card

Be particularly wary of these signs

Customers who use two cards for one purchase – card scheme rules don’t allow this. Or customers who try lots of different cards.

Indiscriminate purchases – does it almost look as if the customer doesn’t really care what they buy? If the goods could easily be sold on, you should be suspicious.

Easy sales – is the customer too good to be true? For example, they are not even interested in the price or details about the goods.

Large sales – ask yourself if the sale is much higher than your usual sales. Is the customer buying lots of different items? Above all, does this person act like your regular types of customer?

Signature strip – are there any signs of tampering?

Felt pen signature – if you notice this on a card, it could be a sign that fraudsters are trying to hide the real signature. The card signature should always be in ballpoint pen.


Card security features

The present Visa and MasterCard designs will be around for a while. However, as new cards are issued, they’re being re-branded with updated designs and security features.

New logo design – replacing the Visa flag on front of Visa cards.

Ultraviolet check – Visa cards with the new icon have an ultra violet image inside the logo. You’ll also see the word ‘Visa’ repeated on the signature strip.

Hologram or holographic magnetic stripe – you might see these on the back of new MasterCard or Visa cards.

Embossed characters – the ‘Flying V’ and the ‘MC’ embossed letters might not be on the front of many new cards.

Logos and more – the logos can now appear in more places than before. It’s also worth noting that cards will be able to have ‘portrait’ designs in addition to the current ‘landscape’ ones.


Making card payments securely

When making card payments, you want to know you are using secure payment services. This means making sure that you:

Only enter your card details on secure websites

Always shield your PIN in shops or at cash machines

Be aware of public Wi-Fi hotspots and the potential risks

Be aware of ATM fraud and know how to stay safe

See our fraud guides for information about the different types of fraud and tips to keep your data protected.


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