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Foreign Exchange

Trade in international currencies and reduce your business’s exposure to Foreign Exchange (FX) risks

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We’ve a team of specialists in NatWest Markets that could help corporate and commercial businesses access a full range of FX services. From straight forward currency exchange to complete risk management, we tailor solutions to suit simple or complex needs.

Our FX hedging services and tools allow you to calculate future cash flows with confidence. They could also help you reduce the risk of foreign currency fluctuations.

Managing foreign exchange risk

Our e-commerce platform, Agile Markets, is a simple and straightforward way to execute your foreign currency exchange needs. Our online execution platform is supported by a team of qualified specialists and strategists, who are here to support you and help you navigate through the FX landscape.

Leverage our FX experience and deal with trusted personnel

All our FX specialists and strategists are experienced, and certified under the Senior Manager & Certification Regime, having completed comprehensive ‘Fit & Proper’ assessments and annual checks.

Get greater certainty over future income and costs

Exchange rate volatility can have a negative impact on your finances. Our FX hedging solutions could allow you to minimise the risk of fluctuating rates, and identify ways to maximise opportunities. These solutions enable you to make financial forecasts with more confidence, and so manage your cash flow more effectively.

Tailored FX solutions

We’ll work closely with you to identify your currency risks and design solutions specific to your situation. Our experienced team draws on a wide variety of financial markets instruments, to design the right solution for you. We provide a dedicated point of contact for all of your FX requirements.

Online management

Access a broad range of electronic facilities for trading and deal management via our e-commerce platform Agile Markets. Get access to current market forecasts and research. Secure FX rates in more than 60 currency pairs, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week with pricing across a wide range of currencies and maturities.

FX facilities

We provide bespoke and tailored facilities to the specific requirements of our corporate and commercial clients.

Efficient and cost-effective settlement, with a secure authentication process

Settling transactions safely and securely is paramount to our service. As part of the on boarding process, we authenticate a standard set of instructions so we can settle deals directly to your account. We also offer the ability to automatically debit your account in event of a transaction. This removes the cost and risk of you having to manually send us funds, as well as making the process more efficient for you.

The value of investments can go down as well as up, your capital is at risk. Products not available in all jurisdictions.

Who might use our FX service?

Businesses or organisations that:

  • Import or export
  • Have foreign currency accounts
  • Send or receive international payments
  • Are part of an international group or subsidiary of a foreign entity
  • Are looking at acquisitions overseas
  • Want greater certainty in cash flow planning and budgeting for overseas costs and revenues
  • Are interested in scrutinising their long-term costs and financial objectives in international markets


Agile Markets

Agile Markets is our digital platform that helps you to manage your currency requirements electronically. It allows you to carry out a wide range of real-time FX dealing services, including booking FX spot, FX forward, FX swap and FX time option contracts.

Reduce errors and associated costs

Complete FX trades electronically, streamline processes and accuracy, which can reduce costs and errors. Excel integration, so you can easily upload deals to quote and book.

Post Trade

Review and confirm deals on our Post Trade application, and download booked deals in excel format.

Real-time market and management data

View market data in real time. Access analyses, trade and execute transactions online and access comprehensive management reports on FX activities. Set market alerts with email and text notifications.


We disclose the costs and charges for all FX spot, forward and option transactions undertaken by clients, on both a trade-by-trade basis and in an annual statement.

Safe, secure login & compatible

Secure login – password and Two Factor Authentication (2FA), providing users the choice between daily and monthly 2FA. Compatible with nearly every IT setup – modern browser or lightweight desktop app.


Dedicated Agile Markets support team available 24 hours per day Monday to Friday.

Watch our Agile Markets video to learn more about our platform’s capabilities.

Log in to Agile Markets if you already have access.

Register your interest in Agile Markets to find out more.

We continue to invest in technology to make sure you enjoy a great experience when trading on our digital platforms. There’s no “one size fits all”, so we can customise our electronic FX (eFX) solutions to fit your individual needs.

Find out more about Currencies and our platform solutions

Our credentials

We’re an award-winning and leading bank for FX. Our global FX service offers solutions in over 60 currencies, through traditional and electronic delivery channels.

What our FX offering includes

  • Transparent and competitive pricing – we issue costs and charges on trade confirmations and in an annual statement
  • Extensive FX solutions - spanning trading, hedging, investment and structuring
  • Tailored approach - innovative, bespoke structures and deals
  • Electronic solutions - a broad range of e-trading facilities for trading and deal management
  • Research and commentary - our analysis can support your planning, and our economists and FX strategists are available for individual briefing sessions
  • Regular FX events - great opportunities to keep abreast of market developments, increase your knowledge of FX and network with industry peers.
  • Our FX sales specialists work alongside strategically positioned banking relationship teams in key locations across the UK and offshore


Our FX team credentials

  • Experienced team of certified FX sales and strategy specialists with in depth of knowledge across the FX markets
  • Multi award-winning – Awarded by the Greenwich Associates in the 2019 FX study for #1 UK Corporate FX Service Quality Leader 2019*, #1 for UK Corporate FX Service Quality for the 7th year Running 2013-2019** . We’ve also won awards in: FX week Best Banks Awards 2019, Digital Profit and Loss Awards 2019, ‘Eye on the Client’ Digital FX Awards 2019, and Consensus Economics: Most Accurate UK Economy Forecaster of 2019.
  • FX Options leader - we’re a leading UK provider by market share and penetration, and are committed to delivering first class execution and settlement.
  • Signatory to the FX Global Code of Conduct (PDF, 2.78MB) – promoting a robust, fair, liquid, open, and transparent market, so you can trade in confidence.



We don’t provide advice. We’ll present a range of product solutions, so you can choose which you feel is most suitable to your circumstances. Markets are forever moving, and while we can give you our views on where markets have traded and may trade in the future, it’s up to you to decide when you feel is the right time to trade.

*Tied ranking. **In some of the last seven years NatWest Markets tied for the leading ranking with other dealers.


How our FX solutions could help you

Our FX risk management service responds to your business's individual needs. Below are a few examples of how we could assist you as your FX needs evolve.

  Situation Customer requirement Solution

Simple FX transactions

You need to send US$1M to Hong Kong to pay a supplier today.

You want to know the cost in GBP before sending the payment.

You use Agile Markets to book the GBP/USD exchange rate, so you can determine the GBP cost of the USD expense.

FX risk management

You purchase goods from Asia on an ongoing basis which are sold in the UK. There is a lag (typically 3-6 months) between when you pay for the products in USD, and subsequently sell them in GBP.

Adverse FX movements can jeopardise your profit margin. You want an FX solution that protects you from such adverse movements.

You use Agile Markets to book FX forwards, as this provides certainty on the GBP cost of USD purchases in the future. Having certainty over the GBP costs, helps to protect your profit margins.

Flexible FX Solutions (hedge but have flexibility on when you use the contract)

You are purchasing a machine from Germany and are expecting to pay for it in EUR in 6-9 months.

You want an FX solution that provides rate certainty (so you can budget for the required EUR payment) but flexibility on when you can use the contract (within a 3 month period).

You use Agile Markets to book an FX forward time option, providing you with certainty on the GBP cost of the EUR purchase between the required range of possible future payment dates.

Flexible FX solutions

(hedge but participate in favourable market moves)

You want certainty on the future exchange rate for a known USD requirement but you’re concerned that the UK customer you supply (a retailer) will want to renegotiate price reductions if the GBP/USD spot rate rises.

You need access to an FX specialist to discuss your situation and understand potential risk management solutions. 

Our FX specialists work with you to provide a selection of solutions that allow you to hedge against falls in GBP/USD, but allow for part / full participation if a favourable spot market moves higher (so you can pass this on to your customer if they seek to renegotiate prices).

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