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Asset finance could be the answer. We work with Lombard – the market leader in asset finance – to offer finance to acquire assets key to your business. We can also release cash tied up in existing assets, provide financing options which will enable you to claim Annual Investment Allowances so that you may recoup part of your investment in eligible assets through tax savings.
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Asset finance explained

The following financing options are available through Lombard:
Operating leases

An operating lease is effective for high-value specialist equipment or assets which support a specific contract or seasonal trend – for example, an extra printing press, or refrigeration units for the summer.

Because your rental payments are based on the value of the asset over the period you need it, you can link rentals directly to the revenue it generates.
Contract hire

Contract hire is a type of operating lease that’s usually used to finance cars and vans for your business.

A contract hire lease lets you source, finance, manage, and dispose of your asset using one single agreement – saving you time and money on administration. You can even include maintenance in your agreement. Contract hire is provided by Lombard Vehicle Solutions.
Hire purchase (lease purchase)

A hire purchase agreement lets you take ultimate ownership of your asset by making regular rental payments. You have an option to buy your asset at the end of the agreement. Alternatively, you can return the asset to Lombard.

You can also reduce your monthly payments by agreeing to pay a final lump sum (also known as a balloon payment).
Finance lease

Finance leasing lets you rent an asset rather than buy it outright, so you have all the practical benefits of ownership – without any of the hassle.

At the end of this commercial leasing agreement, the relevant assets are sold.

Asset finance is provided by Lombard North Central PLC.

Registered in England No.337004.

Registered Office: 280 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4RB 

Annual Investment Allowance

What is the Annual Investment Allowance and why is it so important?

The Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) is a Government incentive and a type of capital allowance. It offers a 100% allowance on qualifying capital expenditure in the year of purchase.

On 19 March 2014, in his Budget statement, the Chancellor announced that the AIA limit will increase temporarily from £250,000 to £500,000 per annum with effect from 1 April 2014 for companies and from 6 April 2014 for sole traders/partnerships. The limit is expected to be reduced with effect from 1 January 2016 but the revised amount has not yet been confirmed. Transitional rules will apply for the accounting periods that span those dates.

The Chancellor's decision to temporarily increase the Annual Investment allowance offers a tremendous opportunity, not only for your businesses to go ahead with investment decisions, but to stimulate growth in the wider economy, benefiting the UK as a whole. Furthermore, by providing the incentive for businesses to acquire the latest business equipment/plant and machinery, there is an opportunity to improve your competitiveness. Lombard has developed an AIA calculator to help businesses understand how they may benefit from this increase.

Click here to find out how the AIA can help your business, and how much money you may be able to save.




Security may be required. Product fees may apply.

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