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Bankline user guide

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How to apply


How many accounts can I have?

You can have up to 999 accounts. 

Will it run on my system?

The minimum technical specifications for Bankline are:

System requirements

We've made sure Bankline works with a wide range of browsers and devices.


To access Bankline you must have either of the below:

  • Windows users - Windows XP Service Pack 3 and above
  • Windows server users - Windows Server 2003, Service Pack 2 and above
  • MAC users - Windows OS X 10.5 and above

Browser requirements

The most recent versions that have been successfully tested on Bankline are:

  • Internet Explorer - V11
  • Chrome - V46
  • Opera - V22
  • Safari - V5.1.1
  • Firefox - V40

Please note:

Some older versions of these browsers may not be compatible. Contact the Bankline Helpdesk if you have any questions in this regard.

Using a different set-up?

You may also be able to access Bankline using Linux with a supported browser.


The minimum recommended screen resolution is 1024 x 768

How many users can I register?

There is no limit: you can give Bankline access to as many of your team members as necessary.

Will it work with my existing accounting system?

Bankline works with the majority of accounting systems, including Sage and Pegasus. As well as an easily convertible CSV format, Bankline now offers industry standards, such as Bacstel IP and SWIFT (MT 101, 103, 202) for payments, and SWIFT (MT940, 942) and Bai V2 for account information.

Does it support multiple currencies?

Yes. Bankline lets you move money between your sterling and foreign currency accounts. You can also get an indicative consolidated balance in a single currency that you choose.


You can also make and receive payments in most currencies.

How do I download the latest version?

Bankline is updated automatically from our secure servers so you don't need to download any software updates.

Who should I contact to find out more about Bankline?

New customer Existing customer

Telephone: 0800 073 2256

Text reply: 18001 0800 073 2256

Telephone: 0345 030 3109

Text reply: 18001 0345 030 3109

Lines open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm (exc. public holidays). Calls may be recorded.


Bankline lets you easily view your account balances, download statements, and monitor incoming and outgoing payments.

Balance summaries

Your accounts at a glance.

Bankline allows you to control how you review your account balances. You can:


  • Select the account balances you want to view as default.
  • View past balances and transactions.
  • Search within a date range.
  • Produce and print PDF balance reports for audit purposes.
  • Check balances across different currency accounts.
  • Sort information by currency, debits/credits, sort code or bank (if you report on external accounts).


Viewing a statement

Access up-to-date payment information.

  • Search historic transactions.
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing payments: instant reporting of CHAPS, faster payments and international payments.


  • Print your statements.
  • Search transactions: search for cheques to help reconciliation, or search within a payment range if you don't know the exact amount.


  • Transaction details: click through straight from the statement to see payment references, value dates and more.



Manage your payments online.

Bankline helps simplify the process around paper CHAPS and international payment advices.


  • Incoming payments: obtain individual invoice details, addresses and more for a single payment.


  • Outgoing payments: receive confirmation that outgoing payments are on their way to the beneficiary.


  • International advice: receive payment information on currency amount, the exchange rate and more.


Payment summaries

View all your payments in one place.

Monitor and control your incoming and outgoing payments. You can review:


  • Your actions: view the status of your payments, including those that need to be authorised
  • What's due: view a treasury summary of payments due on a specific day
  • Summary: get overall total figures for all your accounts
  • Simple reconciliation: view export payment advices for all your accounts.


View your paper vouchers online.

Get the proof you need instantly by viewing vouchers online.


  • View cheques and credit vouchers issued.


  • View the front and back of all vouchers processed.


  • Find a voucher: use the search function to find the voucher you need.
  • Print or save: print the voucher out or save it as a PDF.
  • See a historical voucher: search for a voucher up to seven years old.


Account sets

Get consolidated reports for a number of accounts.

Account sets report the consolidated, real-time balance across a number of accounts. Your administrators can set up central account sets and decide which users can see them, or individual users can create their own account sets.


  • Click from the account set through to the individual accounts.
  • Customise groups by regions, businesses, currencies, or countries.



Bankline's customisable features give you total control of your online banking.


Take control of your online banking.

With Bankline you can customise your payment preferences. Select your payment method and limit, set a password expiry date, or switch dual administration rights on or off.


  • Save time by assigning specific roles to each user.
  • Tailor your password controls and user rights.

Managing user roles

Decide who can do what.

Bankline lets you create user roles and assign specific privileges to each one.


  • Approval structure: specify different user approval levels depending on your business requirements.
  • User privileges: assign specific permission levels for each user, such as only being able to make payments from existing templates.

  • Add or remove users as required.

  • Categorise user privileges by payment types, payment limits, tasks and accounts.


  • Decide which accounts users can see.

Managing accounts

Add and remove accounts, and manage account sets.

  • Add or remove an account from a single user or from Bankline completely.
  • Report third party accounts if you have the authority to do so. Ideal for legal and accounting practices.
  • Control user access to suit your business needs: categorised by payment types, payment limits, tasks and accounts.


  • Decide which accounts users can see.


  • Remove an account: apply the change to a single user or multiple users.


  • Account snapshot: view which accounts are registered to Bankline.


  • Manage account sets: group together the real time balance of several accounts and create a report in a common currency. The information can then be downloaded in a file format that suits you.


Audit records

Keeping information for future reference.

  • Audit log: all activities are recorded for administrators to track and view at a later date in the event of a query or investigation.
  • Data history: once you start using Bankline, you'll have an initial history of 6 months worth of data. This will build to a rolling history of 15 months.
  • Seven years' storage: audit information will be kept for seven years (subject to terms and conditions).



Bankline works with your existing processes to give you an comprehensive, efficient and secure online banking service.

A range of payment types can be used. These include same day domestic (including CHAPS), single next day domestic payments, future dated payments and single and bulk domestic payments and international payments.

Inter-account transfers

Move sterling or foreign currency instantly.

It's easy to move money between your registered accounts. Inter-account transfers are:


  • Instant: when you authorise a transfer, the funds are normally visible and available straight away.
  • Available in sterling and foreign currency: move money across currencies with Bankline just as easily as you move within the same currency.


Domestic payments

Make secure payments easily.

Standard domestic payments

Manage all your standard payments in one place. Bankline sends your payments by the most appropriate route giving you full access to faster payments schemes.


  • Make one-off payments or save payment templates to use again.
  • Email or print a remittance advice for your customers to confirm a payment has been made.


Urgent domestic payment (for same day settlement)

Make high value, same day credit payments to other UK banks on Bankline using CHAPS.


  • Enter individual payments into the system or create a template for regular payments made to the same beneficiary.
  • Payment advices are available as soon as the payment is processed.


International payments

Make payments to foreign bank accounts.

Templates and pre-booked rates help make processing international payments more efficient. Bankline automatically routes payments to Single European Payment Area countries (SEPA) in the most cost effective way.


  • Foreign exchange: pre-book a rate or agree it when you make a payment.
  • Currency conversion: see the sterling equivalent of the payment, helping to reduce errors.


  • Country restrictions: users can only make payments to countries you have approved.
  • Currency choice: a wide selection of currencies are available.
  • Priority: select from a range of payment priority levels.


Bulk payments

Send multiple payments at once.

Bulk payments help you streamline monthly salary runs and weekly supplier payments.


  • Enter and update all the details in one place.
  • Set up bulk payments to move money between your accounts.


Payment templates

Increase security and reduce errors with templates.

Templates can help save time and reduce keying errors. They also let you decide who you will pay, and which of your users can use each payment template.


  • After making a single payment, Bankline gives you the option of creating a payment template.
  • You can create templates for all payment types, including standard domestic, international and inter-account transfers.


  • For security reasons, lock down payment templates to beneficiaries.
  • Template changes require smart card authorisation.
  • Set limits on templates in addition to the standard Bankline limits and those applied to users. You can also set up warnings and prevent over-limit payments.


Authorise payments

Stay in control of your payments.

Bankline reflects your existing security procedures and provides additional layers of security so you stay in control of payments. You can:


  • Easily authorise, amend or cancel a payment.
  • Review critical payment information.


  • Use filters to find the payments you need to authorise.
  • Select expanded view to see all critical payment information in a new view.


  • View every payment and inter-account transfer waiting for authorisation.
  • Hold and release enables senior staff members to pre-authorise payments. These can then be released by another authorised user when covering funds are available.
  • Different users can make (or authorise) different levels of payment.


  • Reduce risk by nominating different users to make and authorise payments.


Manage payments

Bankline's payment summary page can be used to check the status of a payment or inter-account transfer. You can:

  • See full payment information including the processing status.
  • Enter a payment reference under search payments or carry out an advanced search.

Importing and exporting data

Bankline is compatible with most major accounting packages, including Sage and Pegasus, so you can import and export data seamlessly.

Save time and effort by uploading payment files straight from your accounting software, or export data files from Bankline to aid your account reconciliation.

Importing data

Use data from other systems in Bankline.

Bankline makes it easy to import and manage payment files from other systems, helping to reduce data re-keying errors.


  • Bankline accepts industry-standard BACSTEL IP, or CSV files.
  • When handling errors you can choose to reject an entire file or repair an individual problem.


Exporting data

Use your Bankline data elsewhere.

Bankline lets you export your account data for use in other systems.

  • Choose from formats including CSV, BAIv2 and SWIFT MT940/942.
  • Export multiple accounts with with a single request. You can still use Bankline while it processes your request, and your files will be stored for a month.



  • Create account sets. This gives you a consolidated view of a group of accounts, which can then be exported to use for reconciliation purposes with your own accounting packages.
  • Set the format and date range you want to export. The file will then appear ready to use in your accounting system.


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