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Helping you import with ease

Manage working capital while you source the things your business or customers need. We can help you cover the funding gap between importing goods and getting paid for them.

You may need funds for equipment, plant and machinery. We can tailor a range of import finance products to offer your business the cash it needs.

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Import loans

Get a little help with cashflow between orders. We can support your operation to run smoothly while you fulfil your order, ship goods to your clients and await payment.

We’ll structure this short term loan so that you don’t repay it until your customers have paid you. We’ll tailor your import loan to each transaction so it doesn’t rely on traditional forms of security like other loans or mortgages.

Capital import finance

Sometimes you don’t want to use working capital to import business assets. So capital import finance can help you get plant and machinery assets without risking your own cash. This way you pay for your equipment as it’s used, not in advance.

Preserve your cash flow and reduce risks associated with purchasing assets outright. Lombard, our asset finance company, offers borrowing solutions for most business assets, from plant machinery and technology to cars and commercial vehicles.

Manage and mitigate import risks

Reducing your import trade risks give your suppliers more confidence in your trade agreements. Browse some of our options below or call a trade specialist for a review of all your options.

Import documentary collections

Cover your business against performance risk. Negotiate new payment terms with suppliers, offering better security for both sides. This alternative to paying in advance means you only pay after you’ve received the goods or service.

Import letters of credit

Reduce trade risk. Import Letters of Credit are our commitment to pay your supplier on your behalf with a pre-agreed credit facility. We'll pay only when your supplier ships on time - and complies with all agreed terms.

Guarantees and bonds

Give your trading partners confidence. Bonds and guarantees give your international suppliers more reassurance, as long as they meet the terms of the sales contract.

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