Why NatWest might be better for your startup

18 months free business banking

What do we mean by free banking?


Most banks charge a service charge for the day to day running of a business account.

With our startup offer, there are no charges for the day to day running of your business current account, so that means you wont be charged a 'service charge'.

The free banking starts from the date your account is opened for 18 months.


What isn't included?


Charges for “Unarranged Borrowing”, “Additional Services” & “Bankline Charges” are not part of the free banking offer.


What happens when the 18 months free banking is up?


At the end of your free banking period, you will automatically go on to the Standard Published Tariff.

If your business needs change in the 18 months, you can always talk to us, about some of the alternative charging options we have too.

No annual fee for the NatWest Business Credit Card for the first 12 months

This offer applies to UK businesses when an NatWest Business Credit Card application has been made within 6 months of opening your Business Current Account.


  • The annual fee is normally £32 per each card issued

  • To apply for the NatWest Business Credit Card, you must be a UK resident aged 18 or over.

  • Your registered business address must also be in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Gibraltar or you should be registered for tax purposes in one of those juridictions.

  • NatWest Business Credit Card is subject to status and for business use only

Learn more about the Business Credit Card

You could also apply for an arrangement fee-free overdraft facility of £500

To give you the option of some extra help with your cash-flow, our startup package gives you the chance to apply for an overdraft when you're opening your business current account (if you're eligible).


If you applied for a £500 limit and were successful, there wouldn't be an arrangement fee for the first 12 months. Typically this would be £50.


Important information

For the £500 overdraft startup offer - we do charge interest on monies borrowed at a fixed rate of 6.5% for the

initial agreement period (subject to status).


  • Overdraft facility is subject to application and approval.

  • Overdrafts are for over 18's only

  • £50 annual fee applies after the 12 month period subject to agreement on renewing overdraft




Applications for our fee free business credit card or £500 overdraft offer, are subject to approval
and NatWest reserves the right to change or withdraw the startup offer without prior notice.

If you apply for any other credit facilities, security may be required and product fees may apply.


Ready to apply?


Start a new application

Please choose your type of business

Continue a saved application

Continue your saved online application

Recently saved your online business account application?

You can continue your application by logging back in using
the email address and password you signed up with.

Did you apply online as a Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership?

Right now you can only continue your online application between:
                   07:00 - 23.15 Monday - Saturday
09.00 - 17.15 Sunday  

This is because one of the services we use to check your Company Details does not yet run outside these times.          



Debit Card & Cheque Book (If required)

Whether you need to pay a supplier, or grab some stationary, a cheque book or debit card may come in handy.

As well as using your debit card to pay for goods & services online, over the phone or in shops, it can also be used to withdraw cash at ATM's.

Different ways to bank, whether it's online, telephone or app



Banking Online:


Online Banking lets you carry out most of your day-day banking online (as well as being able to view up to the last 7 years of transactions)


• The option to sign up to Bankline, for those who want a more in depth way of managing their money online (additional charges apply)



Mobile Banking:


• Get our mobile banking app, built to help you manage your money when you can't get to a computer.



More of a telephone person?


• Our telephone banking, is available with the choice of self service or speaking with one of our UK-based advisors, to make payments, get balance updates or ask any enquiries about your account.

Important information:


Online Banking is available to NatWest account holders and our mobile app is available on selected smartphones to Natwest customers already registered for Online Banking with a UK mobile number beginning 07.


Telephone Banking lines are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And, to make payments using our Telephone Banking service, you need to be fully enrolled for security purposes.

Additional business support

No matter the size of your business, we'll have different ways of helping.


For smaller businesses with turnover under £500,000 and borrowing of under £25,000:

We have a team ready to discuss your business, future plans and any borrowing requirements your business may have, over the phone.


For those of you with slightly bigger businesses with turnover over £500,000 and borrowing of more than £25,000: 

We will look to assign an individual Relationship Manager from the local area, who is there to help with some of the more complex discussions around borrowing and your business plans moving forward.


If you apply for any other credit facilities as part of your application, such as an
overdraft or business credit card, security may be required and product fees may apply



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