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Before you start an application

Step 1 - Check you can apply

  • Your organisations turnover is under £500,000 a year
  • Account holders will be aged 18 or over
  • You will be a signatory on behalf of organisation you're applying for
  • You or any other account holders are not currently declared as Bankrupt


Step 2 - Information we need for all trustees, members and signatories

  • Full names (including middle names)
  • Personal addresses and date of entry to the address (where it's less than 3 years ago, we will need previous address)
  • Confirmation of living circumstance (e.g. Home owner, renting, living with parents)
  • Date of birth and town/City of birth
  • Contact details (including contact numbers and email addresses)
  • Nationality (including details of any dual nationalities/citizenships)
  • Tax purpose residency details (Which country are they resident for tax purpose)
  • Confirmation that applicants haven't been insolvent, bankrupt, sequestrated or involved in any court proceedings for debt, or made arrangements with creditors. (If any of these have happened to any applicants, we may need more information)


Step 3 - Information we need about your organisation

  •  Trading and registered addresses, along with organisation contact details
  •  Information about your organisations activities, including income & expenditure, membership structure & no. of members
  •  Details of countries in which your organisation operates
  •  Details about any countries you or your organisation, are registered for tax purposes in


Is your organisation a Limited Company, or registered charity?

You must have your organisations Company or Charity Number to start an application.

  • Company Numbers are provided by Companies House when you register a Limited Company with them
  • Charity Numbers are provided by the Charity Commission when you register a charity with them


Additional information we may require

  • We may require additional information from you, before we can progress your application
  • If your organisation has information about the following, please try and gather it before calling us

    - Governing Document:  These can be in the form of a constitution, articles of association

    - Overseas payment details: If your organisation sends money overseas, we will need information on the recipient that includes how the            money will be sent, such as approximate amounts, name of recipient and nation.

    - Bank statements: If your organisation is transferring from another bank, we will require copies of 3 months bank statements of your                    existing account

Is your not for profit organisation going to require lending, or is the annual credit turnover across its accounts, likely to be more than £100,000?

Is your not for profit organisation going to require lending, or is the annual credit turnover across its accounts, likely to be more than £100,000?

Give our team a call who can let you know more about how to start your application. They can also help with any questions you may have.  

0345 7 11 44 77

Minicom: 08457 056 016

Lines are open 24/7 and calls may be recorded.



If you need to download our account opening requirements:
Download our Community Banking Account Opening Information (PDF, 103kb)

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