Location, location, location...

Finding the right business premises

There are lots of things to consider

Fortunately, we're on hand to help you make the right decision for you and your business. Check out our handy hints and tips below.

What do you need from your business premises?


What type of space and facilities are you looking for?

Working from home

Do you have a dedicated space to carry out your work?

Location, location, location

Where should your premises be based?

Safety and security

Make sure you have adequate insurance for your premises

Rent or buy?

Buying a property means you have an asset in your business premises, but you'll also take on some additional risk. If you rent you can move quickly and easily, but you are vulnerable if your landlord decides to sell the property.

Consider what you want from your premises, how long you'll need it and what works best for your budget. The key things to think about are:

  1. 01

    Do you need a property that will allow your business to expand?

    Commercial mortgages
    Sometimes you can quickly outgrow your premises or perhaps you need more property because your business is expanding. That’s where our Commercial Mortgage can help.
  2. 02

    Will buying a property put your company at risk financially?

  3. 03

    Do you need a property temporarily or for the foreseeable future?

  4. 04

    Location v affordability - which is most important?

  5. 05

    How will costs impact you now and in the future?

    What next?
    Check out our funding your business page to find out how we can help you bring your business to life.

Consider all potential costs

It's important to think ahead to avoid any unexpected fees or outlays. Use our checklist below to make sure you've thought of all relevant costs

Potential cost checklist

  1. 01

    Deposit, rent and mortgage

  2. 02

    Business rates and utilities

    Business rates
    Find out more about how rates are calculated and what you need to pay.
  3. 03

    Renting parking spaces

  4. 04

    Decorating, renovations and alterations

  5. 05

    Solicitors and accountant's fees

  6. 06

    Insurance - contents and buildings

  7. 07

    Maintenance and repairs

  8. 08

    Equipment and signage - buy or hire

Other ways to get help

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