Running your business

Get your business off the ground and moving

What does your business look like now?

Wherever you are with your business, whether you’re just starting out, in your first year of trading or beyond, our tips could help your business move forward.

I've got a great idea

If you’ve had that lightbulb moment, but don’t know how to make your dreams a reality, we can help you plan your next steps. Find out how to plan, set up and get your business off the ground.

I need help setting up

So you’ve already got a business plan? Find out about what you’ll need to do to register your business, start to think about some of the legal considerations and begin your all-important banking set up.

I am already trading

We’ll help you to understand your finances in no time. From forecasting your cash flow, or looking to grow through investment opportunities, we could help get your business moving.

Our quick guide to setting up and running your business

We’ve pulled together lots of tips for business owners to help you start, run and grow your business – bookmark it, or print it out so you can see where you are and what your next tasks will be.

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