Variable Rate Loan

A flexible business loan with a variable rate

The rate may vary but the benefits don't.

Borrow from £25,001 or above, subject to approval.

Flexible loan terms from 3 months up to 25 years.

No early repayment charge, giving you the flexibility to repay your loan at anytime.

Pay back at a rate of interest that varies in accordance with the NatWest Bank base rate, so your regular instalment amount may rise or fall as a result.

Changes in the NatWest Bank base rate will affect the amount you need to pay to fully repay your loan. Depending on how you repay your loan any change in the NatWest Bank base rate may require a review of your regular instalment amount.

Take a repayment holiday at the start or mid-term of the loan, or during a Family First event (conditions apply and you must keep paying the interest)



This business loan in detail…


Variable rate of interest

If the market rate remains low or even falls, your monthly repayment will reflect that.

No early redemption charges

If you feel you can pay back the loan quicker, you won’t incur a penalty charge.

Borrow from £25,001 upwards

Borrow from £25,001 with no maximum upper limit. (subject to credit approval)

Need a repayment holiday?

You could take a repayment holiday at the start, mid-term of the loan, or during a Family First event. How flexible is that? But be aware interest will accrue during any repayment holiday, meaning it may take longer to repay the loan and cost more in the long run.

Terms are from 3 months to 25 years

A longer term means you can lower the repayments to suit your budget (you’ll pay more back overall though).


Three repayment options

Choose the repayment option that suits you best.


Interest rate

Your interest rate will be set just above the NatWest Bank Base Rate.

Arrangement Fees

Arrangement fees may apply. It will depend on how much you want to borrow and for how long.

Security Fee

Any security fee will be charged in accordance with our Security Fee tariff/policy

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