Rapid Cash

Funding that gives you freedom

A flexible overdraft alternative allowing you to borrow against your unpaid customer invoices.

Borrow from £25-£300k with no fixed repayments, your borrowing is repaid when your customer pays us.

Low cost borrowing, with rates available between 4.5% - 8.5% above Bank of England base rate and no set up or fixed monthly fees.

Gives you the flexibility to borrow or repay as you need (within your limit).




You could borrow up to 85% of the value of your unpaid customer invoices upfront. Customers pay invoices into your new Rapid Cash account, this repays what you borrowed. Your line of credit is reinstated, so you are free to borrow again.


You choose which customers to borrow against. We don't contact your customers. We don't require property security. However, we do require a business charge so we can keep your cost low using secured lending.


Rates are available between 4.5% and 8.5% above Bank of England base rate. No initial arrangement fee or fixed monthly fees. No minimum term or notice period. You only pay for what you borrow, no matter what your limit is. Interest is calculated per day of borrowing.


Connect your accounting package and we'll show you an indicative offer in seconds. We're a certified add on, so your data remains safe and secure.

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