Asset Based Lending

Release cash locked up in your business assets

Freeing up cash could help your business thrive

Could help if your capital is locked up in existing assets such as inventory

Borrow against the value of those assets (subject to approval)

Could improve your business liquidity

Could help if your business wants to make acquisitions

Your business must have a minimum turnover of £6.5m

Lending in detail…


Combine your lending

Asset based lending facilities can easily be combined with other sources of funding and capital.

Increase liquidity

Asset based facilities provide your business with more liquidity and fewer financial covenants.

Funding export debts

Asset based lending could give you the capability to fund export debts.


Asset based lending could give you flexible financing as the facility will grow with your business.

Why ABL?

You require high levels of working capital

If your business has high working capital requirements, Asset Based Lending might be for you.

You have high growth

If your business has high growth (organic or acquisition based), Asset Based Lending might be for you.

You want higher financial leverage

Your business desires higher financial leverage and has marginal cash flows, with no access to large cash reserves.

You're undergoing restructure or change

Your company is undertaking a turnaround or restructure.


£6.5m turnover

You business turnover must be over £6.5 million for Asset Based Lending

UK based

Your business must be based in the United Kingdom.

You have security

Your debtor book and fixed assets could be used as security.

Ready to apply

Great, thanks for choosing Asset Based Lending. To apply you must have a turnover of over £6.5m

Let’s get started. Is your business turnover...

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Asset Based Lending is only for businesses with a turnover of over £6.5m. Please explore our other Invoice Finance products which may be suitable for your business: 

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To find out more about Asset Based Lending, take a look at our Fact Sheet (PDF, 637KB)

Additional support for your business

What we look for when lending money

Before approving your request for funding, we need assurance that you have the ability to repay and you can keep up payments over a period of time.

Funding your business

Funding is crucial for most businesses, as an initial cash injection is often needed. You need to think about how much money you'll need and what type of funding will suit you best. 

Credit Checks

Getting paid the correct amount on time is critical for businesses. Carrying out credit checks is one way to make sure you deal with the right customers.

Assets you can use to secure credit

From real estate and machinery to inventory and unpaid invoices - there is a whole range of assets available to use as security when raising funds.

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