Business banking

Rethinking business

It’s time to rethink what’s good for business

Many things that people think can be detrimental to starting or running a business are actually the things that can make a business strong. They can be the driving forces behind your business. At NatWest, we have the knowledge and the support you need to help understand how these perceived barriers can actually be a bonus to your business.

Back her business

Your business idea. Our backing

Helping others pays off for everyone. If women started and grew business at the same rate as men, the UK economy would be £250 billion better off. That’s why we’ve launched Back Her Business, a new funding platform to help more women get started


Being unsure can lead to success

Statistics show that the least optimistic entrepreneurs are the most financially successful. The NatWest Pre-Accelerator e-learning programme helps aspiring start-up's take their first steps.

Source: Based on a 2019 European Economic Review report.

Women in Business

Empowering women to empower the economy

We have been supporting female business leaders through our Women in Business programme since 2003. We now have 511 independently accredited Women in Business Specialists, giving mentoring and financial guidance, as well as support to female entrepreneurs.

Boost & Business Growth Enablers

Focus on your strengths

It can be difficult to delegate when it’s your business. There’s an urge to do everything yourself. Resist it. Using external experts could be a smarter way to do business. And our Boost events can help you meet specialists in areas like marketing and HR.

Business Hub

Insight that matters to you

Our Business Hub gives you access to tools, tips and insight on a range of topics that matter most to your business.

Rethink how your business can succeed

We’re here to help you. We have the knowledge and the network to help make a difference. Because when you succeed, we succeed.

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