NatWest Payit™

A simpler, cheaper alternative to card payments

What is NatWest Payit™?

NatWest Payit™ is a UK banking industry first: it's our simple and secure Open Banking solution to help merchants collect e-commerce payments.

NatWest Payit™ will facilitate frictionless payments direct from your customer's bank account, helping to improve your cash flow.

It'll also help you save on transaction fees.  Compared to debit or credit card offerings NatWest Payit™ will save you a minimum of 25%* for average transaction values of approximately £80, and there is no need to store customer billing data.

Benefits for merchants

Cost effective

Save a minimum of 25%* for average transaction values of approximately £80, compared to a debit or credit card offering.

Data security

No need to store customers' financial information.

High conversion

The simple customer journey reduces the need for manual data entry.

Tailored cash flow

Receive settlement of funds within 2 hours.

How NatWest Payit™ works

These are the steps your customer takes when they choose to pay with NatWest Payit™.

  1. Select how to pay
    Your customer selects the NatWest Payit™ option on your checkout page, choosing the bank they want to use via the selection screen.
  2. Customer logs in to Online or Mobile Banking
    The customer is redirected to their online or mobile banking and logs in. They select which bank account they want to pay from and click 'confirm'.
  3. Payment is transferred
    The payment is transferred and its status is displayed on-screen. 
  4. Payment is confirmed
    The customer is redirected back to your site. If the payment is successful, the customer will be shown the Order Complete screen.

Further information

Discover the future of banking and how NatWest Payit could support your business. For more information, read the NatWest Payit™ Factsheet.

To talk to one of our relationship team, please contact us using the link below.

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