Electronic Payments

Pay online swiftly and securely

Why use electronic payments?

Make swift and secure payments to suppliers and buyers in advance, on delivery or after receipt. Choose from Standard Transfer or Urgent Transfer - get the speed and security that you need.

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Clear timescales

We'll keep you up to date on payment progress.
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Secure payments

Electronic bank-to-bank links offer your business security and reliability.
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Make and process payments yourself or visit your local branch.

Types of electronic payment

Standard transfer


Payments should reach your beneficiary within four working days. Payments to EU countries (plus Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino and Liechtenstein) could be quicker.

Cost via branch

Payments to EU via SEPA - £10. Payments to the rest of the world - £22.

Urgent transfer


Payments should reach your beneficiary within two working days.

Cost via branch

Urgent transfers cost £30.

What you'll need

Paying EU countries

There's a few items you'll need to gather before you can make payment.

Paying rest of the world

There's a few items you'll need to gather before you can make payment.

Receiving electronic payments

Asking your customers to pay you electronically improves the efficiency of your transactions, how you might ask?

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Easy payments

Simply provide your customer with your IBAN number, our SWIFT address, our full bank name and your account name.
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Predictable fees

£1 charge for payments up to £100. £7 charge for payments over £101. Fees are deducted from your payment.
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Funds are available quickly

Your funds will be available on the value date or the next best possible value date, depending on when payment is made.
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Automatic currency conversion

Most payments are converted to the currency of your account. Let us know prior to payment if you don’t want this to happen.

Anything else we can help with?

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