Treasury Reserve

Lock your cash away for longer for better rates

Save more for longer for greater returns

Our Treasury Reserve account gives you attractive interest rates linked to the London money market and the certainty of a fixed rate.

It’s ideal if you don’t need immediate access to your business savings – larger savings and longer terms mean better rates. You can save as much as you like for up to 12 months.

What can it do for me?


Get fixed interest rates linked to the London money market

Enjoy the certainty of a fixed minimum interest rate.

Tailored rates

You can decide how much you're able to save and how long for. We'll let you know the interest rate available for your savings profile.

Flexible saving terms

You could save anywhere from just overnight up to a maximum of 12 months, whatever suits your business.

No maximum balance

You'll still need to meet the minimum balances.

Convenient telephone dealing

Make new deposits to your account between 8.30am and 3pm any working day.

Minimum balances

What are the interest rates on this account?

We will agree the interest rate with you when you open your account. The interest rate is fixed and paid at the end of the agreed term, or one year after you open your Treasury Reserve savings account.

You should be aware that you cannot withdraw funds from a Treasury Reserve account during the term. If, due to exceptional circumstances, you terminate the account early, break fees may apply and your payment of interest may be reduced.

Breakage costs will be calculated at the market rate at the time of breakage. 

More information

How to apply

Great, thanks for choosing our Treasury Reserve Account. Are you a…

To start your application please give our business team a call

We'll need details of your business (name, address and contact number) and to see proof of identity for all the parties to the business account. If you run a limited company, we'll also need your company's certificate of incorporation.

We'll need to verify your identity in one of our branches once your application has been made. After this is done, your business savings account should be up and running within two to four working days.

To start your application, please call our business team or call your relationship manager

To complete your application, we need details of your business, your branch sort code and your account number. It'll also need to be signed by the relevant signatories on your current account.

Once we’ve processed your application, your savings account should be up and running in two to four working days.

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