Liquidity Manager Notice Account

Make higher gains on your spare cash

Make the most of your spare cash by locking it away for 35 or 95 days at a time

If you want to earn higher returns on your savings, but don't want to lock away your surplus funds for a long time, then our Liquidity Manager Notice Account could be ideal.
Interest is calculated on your daily balance and applied on the last Business Day of each month

No minimum or maximum balances apply

No early withdrawals

Interest Rates

Still got questions?

If your business doesn't have an account with us, give us a call.

After that, we'll need each business owner to call into their local branch with supporting documentation to verify each individual and the business.

As an existing customer once you have applied online and have your account opened within five to seven working days.  During the application we'll ask for details about you and your business.

When your account has been opened, you'll receive a letter confirming your new details.  Your account will appear on your Online Banking if you're already registered.

How to apply

Great, thanks for choosing our Liquidity Manager Notice Account. Are you a…

To start your application please give our business team a call

We will need details of your business (name, address and contact number) and to see proof of identity for all the parties to the business account. If you run a limited company, we will also need your company’s certificate of incorporation.

We will need to verify your identity in one of our branches once your application has been made. After this is done, your business savings account should be up and running within five to seven working days.

To start your application please call our business team or call your relationship manager

To complete your application, we need details of your business, your branch sort code and your account number. It will also need to be signed by the relevant signatories on your current account.

Once we’ve processed your application, your savings account should be up and running in five to seven working days.

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