Clients' Monies Service

Manage third party funds with ease

An efficient way to manage third party funds that reduces admin

A service suitable for regulated firms such as solicitors, law firms, and accountancy practices, as well as property letting agencies and estate agents who hold tenant deposits.

Instant access to funds online  

Manage multiple accounts with ease

Simplified reporting for each client

Helps you meet Regulatory compliance

Easy to import and export

Get a full electronic audit trail

View the Clients’ Monies Service online demo and see how it could help you manage third party funds.

Benefits for you


Convenient and instant access to all your accounts

Get online access with real time movement of funds and fee-free withdrawals when your client needs them. You can create as many accounts as you need, make multiple transactions and use a range of currencies.

Everything is secure

Instructions are sent securely and nominated Administrators control user access through the allocation of roles and privileges.

Get the reporting you need

Have statements and certificates of interest automatically generated for each client. You'll also be able to import and export data, to make your internal accounting easier. Reports available are; client account balance, client account interest, customer interest paid, transaction summary and client account transaction summaries.

Helps you stay compliant

Our service helps you comply with professional obligations and follows HMRC for interest and commission payments.

Easy to set up and maintain

Our dedicated help desk is on hand to assist you with any question.

More information

How to apply

Great, thanks for choosing our Clients' Monies Service. Are you a…

To start your application please give our business team a call

We will need details of your business (name, address and contact number) and to see proof of identity for all the parties to the business account. If you run a limited company, we will also need your company’s certificate of incorporation.

Further checks will need to be completed during the registration.

We will need to verify your identity in one of our branches once your application has been made. After this is done, your business savings account should be up and running within two to four working days.

To start your application please call our business team or call your relationship manager

To complete your application, we need details of your business, your branch sort code and your account number. It will also need to be signed by the relevant signatories on your current account.

Further checks will need to be completed during the registration.

Once we’ve processed your application, your savings account should be up and running in two to four working days.

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