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Smart Data OnLine lets you monitor spending at cardholder and management levels. You can create spending reports for every employee, and integrate all transaction information into your existing accounting systems. 


Smart Data OnLine allows you to:

  • access daily updated transaction data
  • review and approve employee expense transactions – and apply cost allocations to each transaction
  • create and manage cardholder hierarchies - and change cardholder credit limits remotely
  • decide the level of detail that users can access
  • produce a wide range of reports – including HMRC accredited VAT reports
  • export data for analysis or integrate it into your accounting system.

    You can access the system from a standard web browser. Information is accessed easily via drop down menus and filters.
VAT reporting

onecard online reports are accepted by HM Revenue & Customs as evidence for VAT reclaims – so you don't need to receive and match invoices to reclaim VAT.

  • If your suppliers don't accept card payments or aren't VAT-capable, please email for more information about supplier card acceptance.
Expense reporting

This optional feature of SDOL allows you to manage expense reporting and approvals more effectively giving you greater control and visibility of costs. It also makes expenses easier for your employees to claim.

With expense reporting you can:

  • access an intuitive online workflow - for managing business expense claims, making expense reconciliation easier for your employees
  • customise approval rules - and add any number of approvers to suit the needs of your business
  • track the progress and status of expense claims - and easily identify un-expensed transactions
  • add non-card transactions to expense reports - such as cash outlays and mileage claims, allowing employees to reconcile both card and non-card transactions in one place
  • allow your employees to cost allocate their expenses - enabling you to export this information more easily to your accounting systems
  • customise on-screen instructions - to meet your requirements
Getting started

To get started with SDOL, and manage your card programme online, you’ll need a Username ID and password. Call the onecard Helpline on 0370 0101 152 (UK), +44 1268 508 019 (outside the UK) or Minicom 0370 154 1192 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm; Sat 9am-1pm).

Once you’ve got your User ID and password you're ready to go to the SDOL login page.

  • You may need Adobe Reader to open PDF documents. Download Adobe Reader for free from the Adobe website.
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0370 0101 152
0370 154 1192
Outside UK
+44 1268 508 019
Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Sat 9am-1pm

Calls may be recorded. Call charges from residential lines, business lines and mobiles vary and depend on your telephone operator’s tariffs. 

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