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Your NatWest Business Growth Enablers have all the expertise you need to stay ahead of the curve. 


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From maximising your online presence to staying on top of the latest cyber threats, your local NatWest Business Growth Enablers have all the expertise you need to you stay ahead of the curve. Whether you're looking for one to one mentoring, or would like to attend a local talk or event, our Business Growth Enablers are on hand to help boost your business.

Find your local Business Growth Enabler from the list below, and get in touch today.

IOEE accreditation

Our Business Growth Enablers are accredited by the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs. Founded in 2010, the IOEE was the UK's first dedicated professional learning institute specialising in business enterprise and business support.

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Contact details for your local Business Growth Enabler

BGE Name: Rahul Modasia
Area: Central London
Register for events: Central London events

BGE Name: Rochelle Tomlin
Area: Surrey
Register for events: Surrey events

BGE Name: Sharad Verma
Area: North & East London
Register for events: North & East London events

BGE Name: Stewart Smith
Area: Watford
Register for events: Watford events

BGE Name: Victoria Stevens
Area: South London
Register for events: South London events

BGE Name: Bob Widdrington
Area: Chelsea, Kensington & West London
Register for events: Chelsea, Kensington & West London events

BGE Name: Leonardo Pinto
Area: South East London
Register for events: South East London events

BGE Name: David Holmes
South West London
Register for events: 
South West London events

BGE Name: Daniel Copsey
Ilford & Romford
Register for events: 
Ilford & Romford events


Contact details for your local Business Growth Enabler

BGE Name: Paula Williamson
Area: Doncaster & Sheffield
Register for events: Doncaster & Sheffield events

BGE Name: Jackie Bywater
Area: Cumbria & Lancaster
Register for events: Cumbria & Lancaster events

BGE Name: Michelle Shea
Area: Preston
Register for events: Preston events

BGE Name: Geoff Longden
Area: Oldham, Rochdale & Huddersfield
Register for events: Oldham, Rochdale & Huddersfield events

BGE Name: Fraser MacDonald
Area: York & North Yorkshire
Register for events: York & North Yorkshire events

BGE Name: Nicola Kilkenny
Area: North East
Register for events: North East events

BGE Name: Wasim Alam
Area: Humberside
Register for events: Humberside events

BGE Name: Lorna Blackett
Area: Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield
Register for events: Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield events



Contact details for your local Business Growth Enabler

BGE Name: Troy Smith
Area: Central & Coastal Kent
Register for events: Central & Coastal Kent events

BGE Name: Chris Lyle
Area: West Kent & Sussex
Register for events: West Kent & Sussex events

BGE Name: Sara Bennett
Area: North Kent
Register for events: North Kent events

BGE Name: Amanda Shovelton
Area: Guildford & Farnborough
Register for events: Guildford & Farnborough events

BGE Name: Andrew Light
Area: Somerset
Register for events: Somerset events

BGE Name: James Court
Area: Exeter
Register for events: Exeter events

BGE Name: Lynn Ross
Area: Plymouth & Torbay
Register for events: Plymouth & Torbay events

BGE Name: Lucy Kitcher
Area: Dorset
Register for events: Dorset events

BGE Name: Steven Lovell
Area: Bristol & Bath
Register for events: Bristol & Bath events

BGE Name: Luke Cartwright
Area: South Downs & South Coast
Register for events: South Downs & South Coast events

BGE Name: Liana Brien
Area: Southampton, West Hants and Isle of Wight
Register for events: Southampton, West Hants and Isle of Wight events

BGE Name: Michelle Collins
Area: Gloucester & Swindon
Register for events: Gloucester & Swindon events

BGE Name: Esther Barrand
Area: Cornwall
Register for events: Cornwall events



Contact details for your local Business Growth Enabler

BGE Name: Vicky Pannell
Area: Colchester & Suffolk
Register for events: Colchester & Suffolk events

BGE Name: Andrew Gray
Area: Norfolk
Register for events: Norfolk events

BGE Name: Adam Johnson
Area: Chelmsford & South Essex
Register for events: Chelmsford & South Essex events


Contact details for your local Business Growth Enabler

BGE Name: Jonathan Gillespie
Area: Manchester
Register for events: Manchester events

BGE Name: Adam Clayton
Area: Bolton and East Lancashire
Register for events: Bolton and East Lancashire events

BGE Name: Kim Meadows 
Area: St Helens & Warrington
Register for events: St Helens & Warrington events

BGE Name: Natalie Hughes
Area: Liverpool & Southport
Register for events: Liverpool & Southport events

BGE Name: Nathan Johnson
Area: Cheshire and The Wirral
Register for events: Cheshire and The Wirral events


Contact details for your local Business Growth Enabler

BGE Name: Matthew Jenkins
Area: Birmingham
Register for events: Birmingham events

BGE Name: Kymberley Nahar
Area: South Beds & Hertfordshire
Register for events: South Beds & Hertfordshire events

BGE Name: Asy Ho
Area: Northampton & Milton Keynes
Register for events: Northampton & Milton Keynes events

BGE Name: Susan Mulholland
Area: Cambridge and Bedford
Register for events: Cambridge and Bedford events

BGE Name: Gareth Howells
Area: Leicestershire
Register for events: Leicestershire events

BGE Name: Harinder Kunor
Area: Black Country
Register for events: Black Country events

BGE Name: Gemma Bourne
Area: Shropshire & Staffordshire
Register for events: Shropshire & Staffordshire events

BGE Name: Katie Harper
Area: Lincoln & Mansfield
Register for events: Lincoln & Mansfield events

BGE Name: Deborah Norton
Area: Hereford & Worcester
Register for events: Hereford & Worcester events

BGE Name: Emilia Cybulska
Area: Fenlands
Register for events: Fenlands events

BGE Name: Ryan Atkins
Area: Derby & Mansfield
Register for events: Derby & Mansfield events

BGE Name: Howard Feather
Area: Oxford & Chilterns
Register for events: Oxford & Chilterns events

BGE Name: Sophie Macmillan
Area: Nottinghamshire
Register for events: Nottinghamshire events


Contact details for your local Business Growth Enabler

BGE Name: Owain Williams
Area: North Wales
Register for events: North Wales events

BGE Name: Julia Perry
Area: Dyfed & Swansea
Register for events: Dyfed & Swansea events

BGE Name: Gemma Collins
Area: Cardiff
Register for events: Cardiff events

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