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Contact details for your local Business Growth Enabler

BGE Name: Rahul Modasia
Area: Central London
Register for events: Central London events

BGE Name: Rochelle Tomlin
Area: Kingston & Sutton
Register for events: Kingston & Sutton events

BGE Name: Sharad Verma
Area: East London
Register for events: East London events

BGE Name: Sharniya Ferdinand
Area: East & Central London
Register for events: East & Central London events

BGE Name: Nimish Shah
Area: North and North West London
Register for events: North and North West London events

BGE Name: Stewart Smith
Area: Watford and Harrow
Register for events: Watford and Harrow events

BGE Name: Victoria Stevens
Area: Croydon
Register for events: Croydon events

BGE Name: Yani Fernando
Area: Reading, Newbury & Basingstoke
Register for events: Reading, Newbury & Basingstoke events

BGE Name: Robert Widdrington
Area: West London
Register for events: West London events

BGE Name: Leonardo Pinto
Area: South East London
Register for events: South East London events

BGE Name: Rianna Bishop
Area: Thames Gateway & Medway
Register for events: Thames Gateway & Medway events

BGE Name: David Holmes
South West London
Register for events: 
South West London events

BGE Name: Daniel Copsey
Ilford and Romford
Register for events: 
Ilford and Romford events


Contact details for your local Business Growth Enabler

BGE Name: Paula Williamson
Area: Doncaster & Sheffield
Register for events: Doncaster & Sheffield events

BGE Name: Jackie Bywater
Area: Cumbria & Lancaster
Register for events: Cumbria & Lancaster events

BGE Name: Michelle Shea
Area: Preston
Register for events: Preston events

BGE Name: Geoff Longden
Area: Oldham, Rochdale & Huddersfield
Register for events: Oldham, Rochdale & Huddersfield events

BGE Name: Fraser MacDonald
Area: York & North Yorkshire
Register for events: York & North Yorkshire events

BGE Name: Nicola Kilkenny
Area: North East
Register for events: North East events

BGE Name: Wasim Alam
Area: Humberside
Register for events: Humberside events

BGE Name: Nathan Johnson
Area: Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield
Register for events: Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield events



Contact details for your local Business Growth Enabler

BGE Name: Troy Smith
Area: Ashford & Canterbury
Register for events: Ashford & Canterbury events

BGE Name: Christine Lyle
Area: Maidstone, Crawley & Tunbridge Wells
Register for events: Maidstone, Crawley & Tunbridge Wells events

BGE Name: Amanda Shovelton
Area: Guildford & Farnborough
Register for events: Guildford & Farnborough events

BGE Name: Lamorna Alldridge
Area: Cornwall
Register for events: Cornwall events

BGE Name: Andrew Light
Area: Somerset
Register for events: Somerset events

BGE Name: James Court
Area: Exeter & Torbay
Register for events: Exeter & Torbay events

BGE Name: Lynn Ross
Area: Plymouth
Register for events: Plymouth events

BGE Name: Lucy Kitcher
Area: Dorset
Register for events: Dorset events

BGE Name: Aryana Vashisht
Area: Portsmouth, Chichester & Worthing
Register for events: Portsmouth, Chichester & Worthing events

BGE Name: Steven Lovell
Area: Bristol & Bath
Register for events: Bristol & Bath events

BGE Name: Luke Cartwright
Area: Brighton
Register for events: Brighton events

BGE Name: Liana Brien
Area: Southampton, West Hants and Isle of Wight
Register for events: Southampton, West Hants and Isle of Wight events



Contact details for your local Business Growth Enabler

BGE Name: Vicky Pannell
Area: Colchester & Suffolk
Register for events: Colchester & Suffolk events

BGE Name: Andrew Gray
Area: Norfolk
Register for events: Norfolk events

BGE Name: Adam Johnson
Area: Chelmsford & South Essex
Register for events: Chelmsford & South Essex events


Contact details for your local Business Growth Enabler

BGE Name: Jonathan Gillespie
Area: Manchester
Register for events: Manchester events

BGE Name: Jake Brown
Area: South Cheshire
Register for events: South Cheshire events

BGE Name: Andrea Richardson
Area: North Cheshire
Register for events: North Cheshire events

BGE Name: Adam Clayton
Area: Bolton & East Lancashire
Register for events: Bolton & East Lancashire events

BGE Name: Kim Meadows 
Area: St Helens & Warrington
Register for events: St Helens & Warrington events


Contact details for your local Business Growth Enabler

BGE Name: Matthew Jenkins
Area: Birmingham
Register for events: Birmingham events

BGE Name: Kymberley Nahar
Area: South Beds & Hertfordshire
Register for events: South Beds & Hertfordshire events

BGE Name: Asy Ho
Area: Northampton & Milton Keynes
Register for events: Northampton & Milton Keynes events

BGE Name: Nicola D'Amelio
Area: Cambridge and Bedford
Register for events: Cambridge and Bedford events

BGE Name: Michelle Collins
Area: Gloucester & Swindon
Register for events: Gloucester & Swindon events

BGE Name: Gareth Howells
Area: Leicestershire
Register for events: Leicestershire events

BGE Name: Harinder Kunor
Area: Black Country
Register for events: Black Country events

BGE Name: Gemma Bourne
Area: Shropshire & Staffordshire
Register for events: Shropshire & Staffordshire events

BGE Name: Katie Harper
Area: Lincoln & Mansfield
Register for events: Lincoln & Mansfield events

BGE Name: Deborah Norton
Area: Hereford & Worcester
Register for events: Hereford & Worcester events

BGE Name: Emilia Cybulska
Area: Fenlands
Register for events: Fenlands events

BGE Name: Ryan Atkins
Area: Derby & Mansfield
Register for events: Derby & Mansfield events


Contact details for your local Business Growth Enabler

BGE Name: Owain Williams
Area: North Wales
Register for events: North Wales events

BGE Name: Julia Perry
Area: Dyfed & Swansea
Register for events: Dyfed & Swansea events

BGE Name: Andrew Jones
Area: Gwent & Powys
Register for events: Gwent & Powys events

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