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If you’re worried about your credit rating being a barrier when it comes to asking for money, there are some very simple ways to improve it.

  • Consistently pay all bills on time
  • Close accounts associated with unused credit cards, direct debits and mobile phone contracts
  • Get yourself registered on the electoral roll
  • If you don't have a credit card, get one. Make a couple of small purchases with it each month, and repay the balance on time
  • Pay off more debts and, if possible, pay more than just the minimum amount allowed
  • Don't fudge the numbers. Refrain from taking liberties with the truth, as this could damage your reputation in the long term
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It’s worth reviewing and assessing your credit score prior to applying for any sort of loan. It’s your legal right to get a copy of your own credit report, and generally getting hold of one from a credit reference agency costs very little or is free. Make sure that everything measured by the report is accurate; if it isn’t - and you can prove it - ask your chosen credit reference agency to amend the necessary details.

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